Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eggs for breakfast

Jes woke up to the smell of eggs.

She could hear Matt Galloway's familiar crisp voice waft up through the vent in her bedroom, which was painted lipstick red.

"You don't even like red," her mom, Katharine said, looking quizzically at her 14-year-old daughter holding the can of paint in the hardware store a few months back. Jes had recently started to form her own opinions.
"There's a lot you don't know about me," replied Jes.

She stretched out in her bed, her long, gangly dancer's legs dangled off the end and her equally long arms hugged the pillow tight.

She got up and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Cheeks flushed, she looked as if she had just been on a 5k run, not a 10 hour snooze-a-thon. Her curly brown hair was still in a hair tie that she forgot to remove before she went to bed. Dried drool flakes caked the outside rim of her mouth. She licked her finger and wiped away the evidence. She glanced in the closet. Normally on a Saturday morning, Jes would be fine throwing on her favourite ratty Backstreet Boys t-shirt and sweatpants, anything where comfort ruled, but not today.

Lee was here. She grinned quickly at herself and then hopped in the shower, hoping the shampoo, conditioner and soap would transform her into a sophisticated woman with shiny, wavy locks, like Cindy Crawford. Jes was always a bit disappointed when after the steam cleared off the window, the same, dark eyes stared back at her.

She hopped out of the shower and looked around the small tiled room anxiously. Should she put on makeup? How would she know how to use powder? What's the difference between foundation and toner? How do you apply eyeliner? She started to bite the jagged edges of her nails.

"Jes! Breakfast is ready!" Katharine called, already annoyed with her daughter who seemed to be in a perpetual state of panic and disarray ever since her childhood friend and his mother had arrived to stay with the family for a week.

Katharine reflected on how much her little girl was changing. The angry silences. The slamming of he bedroom door. The brooding. The loud music. The hair dye. Christ, I wish I never had kids, she thought, and then immediately felt guilty. She quickly began doing the dishes and called out again to her daughter, "Do you want to order pizza tonight?"

Jes ignored her mom, studying her closet as if she were figuring out how to stop a timed bomb from exploding. Finally she decided on her new, dark blue flared jeans and a tight turtleneck.

A soft knock at the door caused her to yell "Holy shit mom I'm coming I'm getting dressed!"

The door opened and Lee walked in, an impish grin stuck on his handsome face.

Jes blushed poppy red.

"You look good Jes," he breathed into her face, his breath smelling of eggs. Jes felt the goosebumps rise under her turtleneck. She felt hot. Lee's tongue pushed its way into her mouth. This isn't how people kiss, is it? thought Jes, as Lee darted his tongue all around the inside.

Jes felt like throwing up. She tried to push him away but he pushed back harder until they were tangled up in the clothes in Jes' closet. She squirmed, trying to find a way out but he was holding on tight to her wrist and unbuckling his pants. Jes whimpered in protest and he responded by shoving her on the bed, face down. Jes lay there, uncertain what to do or what was going to happen next. Lee gripped her waist and pulled down her jeans and underwear. Jes tried to struggle once, twice but it was useless. Lee had a good forty pounds on her and she could barely move. She tried to turn her head around to see what he was doing but he pushed her head down on the bed. "You'll like this," he half groaned as he put himself inside her.

Of course, Jes had already seen sex on TV and at the movies, when she snuck in with her older brother, Jon. But the coupling that happened on screen was nothing like the axe that was currently being slashed inside her like a soldier on the rampage.

Then Lee let out a long groan, as if he too were being slowly butchered. He yanked up his pants and giggled. "That was fun, wasn't it?" he winked at Jes, who quickly zipped up her jeans and stared at him, this 15-year-old who was more beast than best friend.

"See you downstairs!" he called as he left her room.

Jes lay back down on her bed and stared at the small cracks in the ceiling. They seemed to be getting bigger. So this is what it feels like to not be a virgin anymore, she thought. It's not as nice as they make it look in the movies.

"Jes, what the hell, get down here or I'm throwing out your eggs!" Katharine boomed. Jes got up, smoothed out the wrinkles in her turtleneck and quickly brushed her drying hair. It was starting to go curly at ends, a trait she hated.

When she got downstairs, Lee was sitting at the table with her mom. He smiled at her. "Took you long enough," he grinned. The eggs were headless, the heads lying beside their bodies on her plate. Hot yolk oozed down the egg cup. They were perfect. Katharine frowned at her, "it was rude of you to keep us waiting Jes. Don't let that happen again, okay? I won't make you breakfast anymore."

"Ok," said Jes. It was all she could manage to say.

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