Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New beginnings, some nervousness and a grumbling stomach


I'm Chloe and this is my second blog. My first attempt at blogging, about my "insights" on fashion, ended after I realized that I would rather spend my time reading other people's blogs than writing my own. And to be honest, I got bored.

I'm hoping that won't happen this time 'round.

I'm not a professional baker by a long shot but I've always been interested in baking and frankly I'm way better at it than cooking. There are way too many things that can go wrong with cooking and so many ingredients and herbs and spices that I get completely lost and overwhelmed so that many days I end up eating vanilla yogurt for dinner. Sad, right?

But a few years ago, I moved into my own apartment, and discovered that those who can't cook, bake. And so I did: Peach pies, butter tarts, coffee cake, cheese scones, berry tarts, chocolate pudding... oh God, it all went right to my belly (and in some lucky friends' stomachs too).

Two summers ago I took a baking arts class at the local college and I loved it. There's something about baking that is so easy and yet so fun and relaxing. (Except when I'm trying to gently coax a bundt cake out of the pan, then the "fuck fuck fuck FUCKs" come out).

At my job I sit at a desk all day and although I love what I do (I'm an online style editor), I miss doing things with my hands. And since I'm no good at woodcutting, I thought I would start take baking a bit more seriously and improve my skills and I hope share delicious recipes and photos with you.

The second part of this blog has nothing to do with food, although food might be mentioned.

I'm also a writer; I write for my job and I am struggling with figuring out my first novel.

My work writing is completely different from my creative writing and I want to focus more on the creative part and revisit my love for writing fiction.

So, some posts won't be baking recipes at all but short stories which I hope you will like. Even if you don't like them, that's cool! Just skip the crap and go straight to the delicious treats.

I encourage you to write in the comments and send me feedback, criticism, recipe ideas or suggestions or just to say "hello" or "you suck."

Bon app├ętit!

Chloe Tejada

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